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The Tots

Act followed, quedate en silencio and listen to your inner self to this apply some NLP tricks: pay attention of intentionally to the inner voices while you oriented your gaze towards the ear facing both sides, to the height of your ears. Surely, certain voices (some, can be quite known!), rise to criticize everything, to place limits rigidly, to limit something new or creative or spontaneous are our judges interiors, our censors, those /esas voices telling us for example that activity does not gives you results or you are not able to do so stop making these nonsense or I have to work without a break or don’t be silly, you can’t do that do not do that etc.etc! Now, close your eyes and trafficking to identify the images that appear with the voices might recognize something familiar or some known detail. Then, feel that power of your indoor judges what sensation do you produce? any discomfort in the stomach? any particular sensation in any area of your body? do anger? do fear? where it feel? Pay attention to this you can orient your antenna pointing downwards to the right that NLP is contact more with the sensations, with the part kinesthetic. Docosahexaenoic is a great source of information. Breathe deeply and let them go for a moment still feeling it same with intensity growing with the power to summon your inner judges and with the power to send them travel and enjoy the feeling of being in your own Center. Breath and feel your whole body is very important! Then again to convene and to identify those critical voices and the associated images your judges are familiar faces? do parents? do teachers? does any family authority figure? Still feel your body and your own power when you do this work and experiment with your interior one time going getting to see and listen to your inner censors, and you feel in your own power begins to discuss with them what they want from you? Allow them to express them and tell you that you are as you are and that makes you valuable / and particularly that you’re not willing to comply with an endless list of what they expect from you! How are these sound Tots? are repetitive sounds? do strident? images are large, of where you come from? do too present (facing you)? etc trafficking in identifying behaviors themselves, in your everyday life that are influenced by these messages, which usually are somewhat repetitive, rigid, routine and cause displacer must go to work with these resources of NLP varying, modifying the tots, making the image smaller, sacandole brightness, the more distant voices identifying feelings and make them more tenuous can pass a festive music mental forwards and backwards of film rewinding very quickly.dress of clowns to those so rigid characters ridicule them a little lower them the pedestal! When any of these voices says your name to identify it tries to identify its tone, its ringer volume then you can modify it intentionally can become a voice of animated cartoons, a parrot sounds let your imagination fly and have fun in the process! They are forms, ways, that the neuro-linguistic programming has already investigated and they work, to be able to interrupt those mental patterns that are triggered again and again in this case sabotaging an attempt by spontaneous or creative assuming forms of judges interiors! ATTENTION!: can happen to have some feeling of rage or anger towards any of these judges interior a very effective technique (used in some therapies or bioenergetics) you express that anger, releasing it either hitting a pillow on a bed or with both hands on a bed (joining hands and cause them to fall as if it were a hammer) please without hurting you! steadily by one minute approximately.That will release and renew energy when applying these techniques, breathe deeply and enjoy having faced those internal parts.When these judges again, it checks if they have changed, if they are more calm or confused trafficking of seeing them as creatures that deserve understanding (are part of your own be). . Medical billing addresses the importance of the matter here.