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The Laughing Dalmatians

A Dalmatian can laugh, no this is no joke. He has the character while greeting his family, as well as friends who are sympathetic to him to curl his upper lip, so that the upper front teeth visible. This is not to be confused with the threatening snarl with aggressive and has nothing to do! Different dog breeds can use this too, but the Dalmatian is the most powerful and interesting grin he shows this only to people. Before you should buy a Dalmatian to be clear about one thing, the Dalmatian is not a lap dog and has nothing to do with the well-known films. For even more opinions, read materials from Costco. A Dalmatian needs a lot of movement and employment. You can do with this dog breed many dogs sports like Agility, Dog Dancing. Also available as a riding companion, joggers and bicycle dog, he is the ideal companion.

Dalmatians are family dogs that need the close connection to the people happy, old and satisfied. A stall is a kennel-a Dalmation in no case and he should never be. There he would waste away and suffer much. He needs close and love to be happy. If you are thinking of acquiring a dog like points, you should be clear that he, like every other dog in wind and weather have to get out and moving needs. Dalmatian dogs are running and are also in the last centuries of the racial history of the Dalmatian as a faithful companion used by coaches been.