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The General

And the form value only has acquired consistency from the point of view in which it has been united to a special sort of merchandise, that is to say, a unique object universally accepted. In principle, this object unique official form of the values, could be merchandise anyone but the special one with whose own form the value has been confused gradually, is the gold. If the linen by gold is replaced of our formula, it will be obtained that the new form of S-value: all the merchandise are reduced to certain amount of gold. Before historically conquering this social monopoly of form of the value, the gold also was merchandise like all the others and only because it previously represented the paper of merchandise next to others, today it acts like currency against the others. Like any merchandise, the gold appeared first accidentally in isolate changes and little by little it worked later and in a sphere more or less limited, like general measurement of the value. Now the product changes are realised exclusively by mediation hers.

The form currency of the value appears today like his it forms natural. When saying that the salt, the copper, the suit talks about to the linen like in accordance with value, like the general incarnation of the human work, immediately jumps at sight the pilgrim of the proposal; but, when the producers of to those refer them merchandise to gold or to the silver, instead of the linen, which at heart, he is the same, the proposal stops surprising to them. It does not seem that merchandise have become currency because the others express in her their value, but on the contrary, that the merchandise express in her their value, because it is currency. Takes us to the conclusion that only when the merchandise are useful, can appear like values before indicating their utility.