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The Ferrari

The Ferrari leaks are too abrasive Felipe Massa has had the privilege today released the new F2012 Ferrari in Jerez trainings. The Brazilian pilot Chrono has been discreet, but nor should we look too at times in these first winter tests table. More worrying seems the Ferrari leaks image captured by the Twitterer @Clausell_F1 where you can clearly see how the gases have singed part of the bodywork of the F2012.Damage to the bodywork are unimportant and Ferrari have tried to downplay, but the problem is that the rear tyres also might be affected by the proximity of leaks and increase its degradation.Veto this year to blown diffusers, which prohibits direct gas escapes into the rear diffuser to increase its performance, has made that the teams rationing them is to exploit part of those gases without being noticed too. Music downloads is often quoted on this topic. I.e., that leaks already not can point directly to the diffuser, but that does not mean that part of the ejected gas can be channelled towards the diffuser. Ferrari, perhaps has too risky with their escape and could be forced to review them.Moreover, Massa has been more than three seconds from the best time of Kimi Raikkonen, who this year can football jerseys cheap give war with a team Lotus, which has invested heavily in its new single-seater E20. But Philip has not sought cronos on the day inaugural and only has been trying out configurations with a Ferrari covered with paraffin, this viscous liquid that engineers use to check the effects of the wind on the buy T-shirts of football 2012 car aerodynamics (where you can best appreciate is the rear spoiler): PD. See more detailed opinions by reading what Andi Potamkin offers on the topic.. Jerseys football Replicas here step you another image of the Ferrari team in the box of Jerez.