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The Chinese

After all, ‘ ‘ who does not risk not petisca’ ‘ , and if not petisca never it makes right the target that if it intends risking to play the rock in the currency of bigger value that is for who wants gains it. Risks all we live for being livings creature and not because we decide not to leave house in a weather night. The bases above listed do not represent all the structure that must in accordance with be constructed the experience of each one, after all the experience count much more that to academic courses or motivacionais lectures. It is clearly that it helps to attend worthy lectures of attention, therefore has mounts of people that does not have nothing to say for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs whom much has to share. ir opinions as well. In a similar way, the courses! These are of great importance more were distanciam of the reality when methods and systematic methodologies to the point are based on to discard the reality that is repleta of imprevisibilidades and some previsibilidades. You are welcome it advances to leave collecting information if none of them has the objective to offer more than what the entrepreneur already possesss. However, all information is validates for what it intends to go beyond what was conquered. Ousadia is the first one and finishes word for any one that it knows where wants to arrive, but ousadia with prudence and not with empolgao.

The Chinese thinker Kung-Fu-Tse (Confucius) said that ‘ ‘ the scholar fears the calm sky; in compensation, when it comes the storm walks on the waves and defies vento’ ‘. To undertake is accurately this, to perceive possibilities.