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The Camborio

"Sevilla is a tower / full of fine archers a . Spain all live under the spell of death. With great precision Federico told us in his everlasting conference "Game Theory and duende": "The blade and the wheel of the car, and the blade, and beards of pinchonsas shepherds, and the moon bare, and the fly, and wet cupboards and demolition, and the saints covered in lace, and lime, and the line of eaves and verandas hurtful in Spain have tiny weeds of death, allusions and voices alertaa perceptible to a spirit that calls us the memory of our own rigid air traffic. " In the poet's work, the simplest objects bear witness to the death: "I was shaking the lantern. / Mother. / I shook the little lamp of the street.

" The death was announced in the ominous bird song: "i do the owl sings, / oh, how it sings in the tree." The same architecture is watchman of death: "Death is watching me and from the towers of Cordoba." Antonito, the Camborios in his face carries the premonitory features of his violent death: a Moreno green moon / go slow and graceful. " a Green Moon, hope of death. The Camborio accepts the challenge with restraint, like a proper gypsy: a slow and graceful a . Absorbed in his own being, run events that would outlive him. Antonito paves the way regardless of the time in which life and death look face to face, the moment that both they last forever.