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The Cage

Of course, when the content of proteins should be considered some of the difficulties. Keep in mind that certain desire that the animal can escape at will with almost any floor. For this reason, do not leave your squirrel alone at the open window overlooking the pine forest or just a group of trees, so often the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Thrust to the roots may to be rodent irresistible. Has some problems and the process of molting, which occurs twice a year: spring and fall.

At this time, members of the family Sciuridae characterized by mood swings: one can become lethargic and passive, while others, conversely, begins to lead more active lifestyles. In this great difficulty of cleaning the premises of the protein does not work. In general, it is very, very clean, and the molting period in the cell can install additional bumpers. Proteins on the plot is even simpler to contain protein in its suburban areas. Growing trees there will be a favorite spot for daily walks energetic fluffy little animals. But taming the new habitat is gradual, otherwise the proteins may be frightened and run away to the nearest forest or park. For keeping animals in the first few months is required enclosure, large enough, but quite strong.

Usually, cages are made of metal, because proteins are rodents, and wooden bars will not keep them. However, for a familiar and comfortable atmosphere for the animals inside the cage needs to be done imitation tree, or even put a piece of dried stem with branches. Well-researched design squirrel cage construction will blend well in landscaping the site to become an integral part of and even decoration. Having settled the animals in the enclosures should lure them regularly twice a day. And after your pets get used to the constant food source, they can be released into the yard and stay safe in the knowledge that they well come back to have become home to the walls. Squirrels living on the plot, are able to bring joy and cheer up all the inhabitants of a country house, whether children or adults. Every day throughout the year, you can watch the hilarious romp of these smart, thoughtful, curious animals. Here they are jumping on the trunks of trees, so jumping from branch to branch, but if the game started a serene touch and run. Proteins can admire indefinitely, while receiving a maximum of positive emotions. But when the content of protein at home or on the plot, there is one important feature. As being sociable, the protein requires the constant attention of the owner. Of course, to devote a whole day the animal will not always, and yet to maintain the trust necessary to give him every day at least an hour. Our company has a long history of creating and arrangement of small parts and domestic mini-zoos. Proteins are one of the most unpretentious and interesting animals for our middle band, they will live freely in your yard and tirelessly to please your family and all guests. You can order in our company of charming protein, as well as an aviary, houses, feeders, pet food and accessories. Experienced livestock will be told how to feed the squirrels and arrange appropriate care.