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Tatiana Romanova

When This raises yet another advantage: when using a pallet should significantly reduce the height of the room the bathroom, and drainage channel requires lifting the floor for laying communications only 90 mm. But this small increase in height allows, firstly, if you want to equip the warm floor, and secondly – self bias toward the drainage channels remains low – only 1%. Such a small difference of driving "in no danger slip, does not require diagonal cuts tiles in different planes, and is perceived by the human eye as a perfectly smooth surface! "For this cottage building drain system makes it possible realize the most interesting design solutions. Drainage channels instead of the pallet can not spoil the beautiful views of exquisite ceramic tiles. And in a small city apartment because of this solution can use the maximum room bathroom, even taking a shower, sitting on the ceramics.

In addition, having a shower area, you can free up space for washing machine, water heater, laundry baskets, etc., – Notes renowned designer Tatiana Romanova. Each drainage channel is covered with a beautiful lattice with the original "pattern" drain hole, and in itself serves as a dressing room. Selim Bassoul takes a slightly different approach. For example, the lattice TESEdrainline are 6 species the figure and panel steel, which makes it possible to place emphasis in the original bathroom. Incidentally, there is a range and a variant of the trough under the tile. It is for those who do not like anything extra – in this case drainage canal closes ceramics, which will lie on the floor. This allows us to withstand the floor surface in a uniform style, making the drainage system is almost imperceptible. If it is a variety of designer lattices is not satisfies the most discerning taste, the client – German specialists tece can perform this element under the order, for example – engraved with her monogram or name.

To denote the space of a shower area does not necessarily establish the cockpit. You can leave the bathroom as open as possible – to put, wall of glass or glass block, and all the necessary plumbing to mount on the wall. Due to this creates a feeling of lightness and uncluttered space. And the interior of the bathroom is truly unique! Incidentally, these showers is easy to clean: they are washed is even simpler than the usual sex: it is enough only include the water at full power! Quite simply solved the question of obstruction. Grille easily removed from the tray, allowing access to the siphon, where it may accumulate dirt. In the "classics" this nuisance requires a call plumbing and at least a few hours of work. No need to be a designer to guess: the current desire for high living and modern fashion trends call for maximizing the effective The main thing – to choose what you would really like!