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Tape Monolithic Foundation

Structural analysis is the foundation of a house on the strength and magnitude of crack opening. During the construction of wooden houses, cottages foundations or foundations storey houses often choose the type of tape monolithic reinforced concrete foundation. The cost of its construction and the final cost, respectively, out more than usual, but the result justifies himself for many years, careless oper home. The most simple diagram of the strip foundation is as follows. Pre-prepared trench backfilled with sand dug, usually coarse. It can also be replaced with crushed stone or gravel. The whole procedure performed several times as a result, we obtain a multilayered solid foundation. Secretary of Agriculture usually is spot on.

Each layer is the foundation for the future of wooden houses thoroughly tamped, while not forgetting to pour water for better compaction. The thickness of such a "cushion" should not exceed 0.3-0.6 m, and not be more than half the thickness of the basement at home. Next to ground level safely pour the remaining cavity with liquid grout. We can say that this waterproofing basement way the problem is completely solved and can be taken as the ground under the house foundation design. Therefore, further actions are as computation base of brick or stone, the "fluff" or filled with the same cement. On top of stacked layers (typically 2) roofing or roofing material. Strip foundations are melkozaglublennym foundation. Their big advantage is that they have the same form throughout the cross section perimeter, as seen from the above scheme. Whatever the load bearing walls are all interior wooden house, cottage or villa – reinforced strip foundations, especially of reinforced concrete (so-called "heavy" concrete) will bear the weight, eliminating a host of concerns about possible deformations, cracks and walls of the basement. Foundation base belt type is usually about 20 cm below depth of soil freezing. On the ground with severe climatic conditions and depth of freezing using a non-reinforced tape type of foundation.