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Survival Skills

??? You may think that you will never have to live an extreme situation that compels you to swim in swampy waters or eat worms. I also thought about it, and like you, I have been in mountains, forests, bases of camp or rugged areas. But I never thought that I would need to learn survival skills, until a powerful and long rain ended our provisions, and prevented us from returning safely. At that time there were no cell phones, and we had to overcome the accident of my friend with very few resources and knowledge. Upon returning I promised to not return to nature without having at least one handful of ideas, skills and knowledge of basic survival for any emergency. If ever passed you something similar, consider this, if ever you live a critical situation. Think: the first thing you should do is evaluate your physical condition: are injured or unable to continue? Do the wounds could complicate whether they are not met? Do you have the physical forces intact, or there is some type of body problem? Have rest to undertake a return to standing for 10 hours? Do you reserve enough water for an effort to return? You are emotionally alert, or you must rest before any action? Do you feel cold end, making it necessary to try to keep you warm? Do you feel extreme heat, which could affect you to lose too much water and dehydrate you? Food shortages would affect some action immediate survival? Thinks: you should also evaluate the condition of your equipment, or the remains of the same: do you have dry matches to light a fire to warm your body? Do you have a knife or multi-use knife? Do you have adequate provisions for the case that later rescue? You have a sleeping bag, tent, backpack and coat? Do you have ropes, or you can improvise them? Do you have drugs for unforeseen situations? My teacher of life in nature used to say at the beginning of some of the expeditions that we did together: every day is different.

Each class is different. Each group of students is different. Each output is different. This weekend, we will use various survival skills. We always stimulated to have the largest number of resources and possible knowledge, knowing that in every outlet we would use only 8 or 10 per cent of what they knew. And we would never know what resource would be appropriate! Why learn many. But don’t forget that no matter how many skills to know, in a critical situation not thee but use an hour reviewing the points mentioned in this article: that can make the difference between surviving or perish. Remember, initiate any action without reflection, it is an invitation to tragedy. Original author and source of the article.