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Summer Cottage

A variety of work on the dacha, related to the processing of land and growing plants will be more effective if the cottager will take care of the necessary tools (broom polypropylene). The most common and desired tool in the country – a spade. Bayonet spade found two species, with a rectangular tray with rounded or even pointed. Rounded tray (blade, bayonet) is more suitable for digging hard soil and virgin lands, the places to who "have not set foot summer resident." Rectangular easier to work on loose soils that have been used for planting earlier. Whatever the form of a shovel was preferred, the blade should always be sharp.

Excessively reminded of the strength. Weak shovels do not stand up "natural selection" and quickly break down. The strength of spades, and its performance depends not only on the shape of the tray, but also on the material, of which the tray and sharing. The most common material for the blade-tray – steel. Quality of the steel determines the quality of the product. Stainless steel will prevent the shovel from corrosion. But it's not too tough and resilient, for difficult ground is not suitable. From Corrosion spade save not only the quality of the metal, but the intensity of use. The friction of the soil tray clean of rust, which serves as a catalyst for accelerated corrosion. If entrenching tool, to which the military Classification is a spade, does not lie idle in a damp environment, the rust of his little scary.