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Stories To Publish Online – Write Short Stories & Publish

Where and how can I publish or read my short story free online? How to to write stories or short stories, so that they can best be published? Who has written stories once and thus no particular success achieved would have to make a break and think about. First you should set himself with the genre that is most comfortable. That will be different for all people. It is very important always to read the publications by other authors. A specific portal has its own audience, and some topics are very interesting, the others are perhaps not so well fit.

So, the task of an author would consist in finding out what topics would be up-to-date, the scope of the story would have a meaning. Short (short stories), clear, clear, interesting the story short, clear, clear, interesting supposed. The beginning of a story may draw not too far in the length. Until the reader come in the beginning of detailed and clearly lazy, he can any interest in the Lose history. So, the author should be pretty energetic start his story, immediately introduce the reader into the events.

The conclusion of a story has a great importance. At the end you should see clear and clear plot. Sometimes it’s hard to write: there are so many ideas. In this case you should not abstain. To write on all emerging ideas and the interesting twists and turns of a plot. If the short story is finished, you may yourself a quiet break and then it goes to the clean-up. Trying now more understandable and easy to write down the sentences. The main idea must come across loud and clear. A person should read criticism and comments before the story is published, the Meinung is very important for the author, he trusted. It will help to find the legal error. Should behave more positively to the criticism and comments. Praise is always very good, but also negative brings you further. It characterizes a is now, as it should not be. And that is also a Progress. The idea how it out with the idea of a story? Many new works are based on the familiar literary ideas. No one can pull the right only towards yourself to write such stories about the nature. In modern literature, it is quite complicated to find a new idea for a story. Almost every author reviewed something that someone else has already undergone. Every story, every work will eventually take their grateful readers. You must only strive, perfecting his knowledge and believe in the success. Register now for free and publish history online.