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Stone Houses

The most important feature in the construction of houses made of stone (artificial, natural, blocks, bricks) are the properties of masonry – the density, strength and resistance to heat. The most significant property masonry structures – high fire resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to weathering, and as a consequence of greater longevity. Not without reason, almost all designs ancient times, preserved and today are built with stones of any kind. During the construction of cottages, these properties of the material used in full. This is because the materials of stone have a dense structure, and their density increases the thermal conductivity of the masonry. Sonny Perdue wanted to know more. For masonry advantageous to use materials with lower density (hollow, porous), which have good thermal properties.

Also on these properties of stone structural influences and the quality of masonry. The walls are filled with poorly during the construction of cottages mortar joints easily blown and freeze in winter, which is unacceptable for a major climatic latitudes of Russia. Not less weight is in the construction of houses and the strength of masonry. It depends on the properties of the material used and the properties of the solution used for the attachment. Tensile strength of masonry under compression is not more than 40-50% of tensile strength of the brick. This can be attributed to uneven surfaces of brick and masonry joints, uneven density and thickness of the solution in the horizontal joints. Due to these figures the pressure is obtained irregularly distributed over the surface of the brick and thus causes it additional stress: shear and bending. Stone materials used in construction, have a weak resistance to bending, and as a consequence destroyed in the clutch before the compressive stress in them reached the compressive strength. In the case of a gradual increase of pressure on the clutch to a value greater than its tensile strength, it may appear vertical cracks. The weaker the solution, the easier it is compressed. Throughout the process of building a cottage should be avoided processes associated with the premature destruction of structures.