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Sri Lanka

And if you specifically to seek the children's toys, you will find handicraft shops where you can buy colorful toys out of clay, played by local children. If you love arrange home walk into a party and parties, check out the store, which sells national dress. On arrival home, you can at home to arrange a "paradise", dressed in costumes of natives. Your guests will truly appreciate imported from Sri Lanka, things, and the holiday will become a colorful character and the holiday mood. A variety of useful gizmos, kitchen utensils and furnishings in Sri Lanka do from virtually any material, whether it's shell coconut or buffalo horn. Ordinary household item can be seen in an unusual design.

So, for example, can be found in local markets clothes hangers, woven from the stems of shrubs or interesting cup carved out of coconut shell. Fans will certainly bring home exotic wooden masks. Hanging a little thing at home, you can safely tell your friends unprecedented history of this subject. For example, we can say that is the mask of the leader of one small tribe, and who do likewise, and see the future and the past. Sri Lanka – a country-pearl in the ocean.

Maybe that's why it is so rich in precious stones. Beautiful and expensive gift will jewelry with sapphires, rubies and topaz, which can only be bought at a local jewelry store. One of the most famous products manufactured by Sri Lanka is Ceylon tea. This tea is considered the best in the world. His You can purchase specialized tea shops, in which above all you will taste the different varieties of the drink. Of course, we should not sidestep the local markets and bazaars. Sri Lanka is teeming with exotic and the food. Food has a rather pungent, but some of the dishes you probably would be afraid to try. Especially popular among the local population uses rice. His favorite flavor is usually "National" condiment-curry. Refiners will be quite a long time in the kitchen to remind her scent on your exotic vacation. If you love all the unusual and can make a bold move, then you certainly need to try and bring a dried grasshoppers and other small creatures. Addition to this will be the national drink arrack. Arak – is a strong liquid, the local brew made from rice and coconut juice and date palms. Wonderful gift from any exotic country will local fruit. Especially popular among the tourists enjoy avocados, mangoes, papayas, oranges, and coconuts. In general, we have reviewed with you almost all the interesting gifts that we can to please this wonderful country. With absolute certainty we can say that you are in Sri Lanka are sure to find something special, something that will only bring you joy and cause an irresistible urge to go back to this "paradise on earth."