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Spain Great

They had passed then of pursued the persecutors; who was not following of Christ was considered heathen and would have to be burnt alive and its goods confiscated for the state. Who dared to oppose to the power tax for the cross was considered heretical and the penalty for the heresy was the death. Centuries later already in the average age, the church catholic exhibited a power as never seen until then in the history of the humanity. The inquisition was instituted in Spain with intention of exterminar any another philosophy or belief that if opposed to the Christianity. Millions of people had been tortured and assassinated of the forms crueler than if it can imagine. Entire cultures total had been exterminadas without the lesser mercy; no matter how hard this can seem ironic, everything this was made on behalf of ‘ ‘ ours gentleman and rescuer Jesus Christ ‘ ‘ These are the true bases of the Christianity we know as it today, Are this that it is in the truth: A gigantic company who acts in the surmounting system and around generates astronomical profits of the world. More than what any another business in this exactly market segment.