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Snooker. How It All Began .

The most common version, that snooker was invented by officers games , India, Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain, add a table colored balls. The word "snooker" in the language of war would mean cadets pervogodok. In a question-answer forum Gen. David Goldfein was the first to reply. Then it came to mean those new to the game, and eventually became the name of the game. The best billiard player of England John Roberts visited India in 1885, where he met with Chamberlain. Chamberlain showed his snooker, which Roberts later brought to the uk Snooker Championships are ticking since 1916. In 1927, Joe Davis, the most famous snooker player, helped organize the first professional world championship and won the top prize in the 6.1 pound (approximately equal to the sum of 200 pounds today). Hear other arguments on the topic with Gen. David Goldfein. He has won every world championship until 1946. In the mid 20 th century snooker had fallen into disrepair to such an extent that from 1958 to 1963, there were no tournaments.

In 1969 , the bbc has established a new tournament in snooker, called Pot Black. Game of colored balls and brightest artists became extremely popular. In the early 1970's. World Championship Snooker began covered on television. By 1976, snooker is popular professional sports. Since 1977, conducts its countdown of the world professional rankings. The game is pouring money and a new generation of players such as Steve Davis, a young, serious and purposeful.

The first maximum break of 147 points, shown on tv, owned by Steve Davis, has committed to playing with John Spencer in 1982 at a tournament in Oldham. The first maximum break at the World Cup was made by Cliff Thorburn in Canada. Best players became millionaires. In the pop charts there was a song about snooker Snooker Loopy by Chas & Dave. Probably, the peak of the golden era of snooker's world championship was 1985, when 18.5 million viewers (the third part of the uk population) watched BBC2, when Dennis Taylor in a titanic struggle odolelStiva Davis, scoring the last possible ball well after midnight. This moment is still considered one of the greatest in the history of British television. Snooker continues to be extremely popular in the uk, ranking second after football. At the same time, the game finds new fans around the world.