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SAP is meaning of experience, knowledge and technology to maximize business results. Founded in 1972, SAP is the leading provider of business for all types of industry solutions. SAP company pillar in the business software industry, is also the third independent provider of software in the world. Today offers its customers specific business solutions to the needs of each company, regardless of size, industry, number of employees etc. Since it offers the industry’s most successful business solutions. Small and medium-sized businesses can now enjoy the benefits of SAP since it offers the solution SAP Business One which is the business management software accessible and easy to use, designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises.

This software allows you to control all areas of your business from purchases, warehouses, inventories and production, to sales, distribution, collection and of course the finances of your organization, all in a single fully integrated system. With SAP Business One, you can count with all the information your company instantly obtaining a general and up-to-date overview in line, getting business benefits from the first moment. SAP Business One, offers you to take total control of their processes of business, management, accounting, budget management, operations in various currencies such as dollars, euros, pesos and how much currency required in its operation. Allows you to have a vision at all times clear of their sales, purchases to suppliers and granular control over operations with customers and business partners. In addition, with SAP Business One, updates its books online so that you can request financial statements at the time I wanted it. SAP Business One offers to get real business benefits in an immediate way, as greater productivity, increase revenue, lower operating costs, greater financial performance, actual inventory, procurement and production Control management, best customer service, Financial statements online, reports in real time.