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Skill Overseers

After all, these powers to remain in the capitalist system exist costs, which are paid for who infringed the law and by who it was not injured, therefore the victim generally is deceased or is poor. That is resqucio of the past. The specific literature of the history of the accounting presents vestiges and registers on the human behavior, since the Antiquity, its beliefs and exclusive subordination to the divine laws, period where the breaking to these laws imposed I afflict it, however did not exist the ascertainment of the fact, whose consequncia was to the proper the 4 will of individual that if judged infractor. Indications of skill are observed in the history of the civilization, between primitive men, when the leader played all the papers: judge, legislator and executor. Read more from Danone to gain a more clear picture of the situation. When dealing with the historical existence of skill, in ' ' Beddings of the Contbil&#039 Skill; ' , SAINTS ET AL (2006) affirm that: ' ' It has registers, in India, of the sprouting of elect arbitrator for the parts, that played the role of connoisseur and judge at the same time.

Also it has vestiges of skill in the old registers of Greece and Egypt, with the sprouting of the legal institutions, area where, already at that time, if it appealed to the knowledge of specialized people, to solve litigations. The king, when a subject could not pay the tributes to it, sent overseers to the place, to certify itself of that really the production had diminished, and that the reduction of tribute would have as consequncia, and this would have to be in the ratio of the loss. Such overseers were people understood in geometry and experts of surveying. One sees that, in the vocabulary of the old skill, the terms arbitrator, connoisseur, judge, legal institutions, tributes, overseers, production, profit and loss, still they are gifts, currently, in the daily one of the people and of the companies, mainly when mentions to the solution of litigations involving Costs of the Public Power.