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The first official competition of the contest, that finished in the first hours of the dawn of Friday and it counted on the presence of the public who did not stop to animate to his favorite candidates, chose 15 semifinalists, whereas another one more, to complete 16, is name through a voting in Internet. However, the name of the 16 semifinalists, who will march past again in bath dress, will know east Monday, shortly before the beginning of the evening of election and coronation. In that preliminary phase, the jury, different del that it will choose the new sovereign of the world-wide beauty, integrated Brazilian the Matheus Massafera, fashionable designer; Ana Paula Junqueira, industralist, and designer Roman Francesca the jewel. The Americans Scott Lazerson, consultant; BJ Coleman, publicist; Lara Spotts, vice-president of the Brave channel, and Jimmy Nguyen, lawyer of Vietnamese mass media origin, completed that first jury. Of the 16 semifinalists, 10 will advance to a following phase in which they will march past in full dress in dress and later the five finalists will choose themselves who they will respond to the questions of the jury, who Wednesday entrevist individually with the 89 candidates. Brazilian the final jury conforms the Castroneves Helium, pilot of the IndyCar Formula, and Isabeli Fontana, international model; the Philippine actress Reads Salonga and exMiss Universal Dominican Amelia Fertile valley, winner in the 2003 edition. The rest of the juries is the Americans talo Zanzi, Secretary General of the Concacaf; Connie Chung, journalist, and the Vivica actresses Fox and Adrienne Maloof, besides the Palestinian industralist Farouk Shami. Source of the news: Candidates of 89 countries choose to the crown of Universal Miss 2011 in Sao Paulo.