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All western dog owners have long expressed a preference for metal cages, each house can find a place specially reserved for the steel house pet, in which he peacefully snuffle in the absence of hosts. This picture is surprising: how can a dog like being in a cage, in such a limited space? Need to go back to basics. Recall that the wolves are born and live in the buildings, which are called the den. Kind of den, or lair, can vary from depression in the ground to large and deep holes. AND dogs are close relatives of wolves, too, want to have a den. You probably pay attention to what your dog likes to rest where there is any wall or roof? Den for the dog may be the corner next to the sofa, chair, the space under the table or bed, or other relatively small place that has a comfortable and safe in terms of dogs and walls. Cell, just helps to meet this' instinct to den.

" If you keep your dog properly and correctly taught it to the cage, the dog will treat it as your own private apartment – lair. The cell is indispensable in the exhibitions and air travel, because the dog must carried it in metallichekih cages with trays or plastic boxes, the latter are very expensive. If we are talking about the cost of cells, well-proven cell from a Russian Manufacturer ZOOTREND (, that's where, really, at a low price good quality, you can order a cage on their own on their website. From imported cells can advise American companies MIDWEST (sold in pet stores) quality is good, but the price is above almost in 2 times. Accustom the dog to the cage is a snap. Keep first, while you are at home, the cage open. Put it in a soft cloth, a couple of toys and bones, feed your pet in it. A couple of days, start to close the dog in a cage for a couple of minutes, gradually increasing intervals. And your pet will be infinitely grateful to you, because now he has his own cozy cottage!