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But then again, not from the pros, but from the users. And so, it’s time to end the first week of registering our blog site directories. Here as elsewhere there is appended, paid and free. Pay, we naturally are not going to start to register themselves. Here as with directories of articles, for that would assemble a decent list, will take the night that would have to check and sort the list, leave the second, well, day to register in a hundred the other half will end up dead, and another with a ref link.

From personal experience, after registering more than hundreds of live (opening the link) RSS directories, reference was only layvrss, wild boar, and the Alfar rssreader com. And with directories full pardon she is one of only blogdir same list more than one hundred. And then, after spending a couple of days, we go to find professional SEO, well, or to those who consider themselves as such and is positioning itself as a pro. Naturally, as our blozhik “for the soul” and not for business, pay for it, we will not immediately begin to search for freebies. Worth noting here and warn that the entire, all such services, this automation, as spam and may ban, so if you can find on various stocks khalyavnykh promotion, it is not worth it to abuse it. Bans sites are actually not uncommon, if the “adult” after the ban on their sites to buy the other two, we have after the ban is only broken trough. But I for example would like to receive registration in catalogs, they are actually needed in order and that they would register.

Therefore I started to look for, it was not long, hammered into Google “Free registration in catalogs,” and the first line, but rather an announcement came across a tempting offer for bloggers, are you writing about their service article, or to place ready, and they fill up your balance for your accommodation and pay for referrals. Article posted, see what happens. Well, another way in various forums about SEO, the emergence of such firms, is always accompanied by actions, “Be the first and get the service free of charge,” or for a review (but this is usually for those who “long date Rega” and It does not concern us). The second sheet ends, suggesting that it is time we close. Otherwise, the article directories will not be accepted. Tomorrow I will write a comparison of two of its sites, the result of which, I believe, be a great motivation for writing articles and, in principle, to increase the content.