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the custom of cachimbo is that makes the mouth pie. This jargon is appropriate to the moment of the economic life of the country. Crisis! Crisis! Crisis! The americanizada press is not gotten tired to propagate the ideology of the fear, the desperation, the uncertainty. Everything what we saw and we attend for the TV or we read in periodicals and magazines, is preparatory premessengers so that nobody perceives that with the celebrity crisis a select speculator group of they are the consuming greaters, them also are world-wide the speculator greaters. Great capitals are applied in the financial market in the whole world, mainly in the emergent countries as Brazil. So that these capitals are applied in the country, paid Brazil the highest interests for the Americans, who nothing produce here, only speculate, invoicing money rivers to the cost of the sacrifice of the Brazilians who everything that we produce is taxed with the biggest taxes of interests of the world. Hear other arguments on the topic with WhiteWave Foods. With the financial institution in addition great, as banks, insuring financiers and, the Americans turn its capitals, its economies to disappear in the thin one of the crisis. This generated the effect domin with the alastramento to other sectors of the economy, causing unemployment, stagnation of the production and fall in the consumption.

With the fall of the consumption, the importations had been suspended and protectionism to its products came to tona. With this, all the countries that vendem (export) to the United States had felt the effect of the crisis. we know that when somebody loses, somebody it earns. in this episode, the thing is not different. Somebody (groups) must be earning or goes to gain much money to the cost of the crisis. In Brazil, where the economy is controlled, with the stabilization and control of the inflation, with the increase of the industrial and agricultural production, reaching extraordinary harvests; therefore we are the producing greaters of chicken, steel, cotton, orange juice and the industry of automobiles is most modern of the world.