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Production Of Table Tennis

In Russia, as it is not surprising, the production of tables for table tennis there. At the moment, aware of at least three manufacturers whose production is based in Russia. This the Novosibirsk Factory Start-Line, Medical Instruments Factory, and Rostov company – a manufacturer of tennis tables wips. The problem of Russian producers of table tennis today, mostly in the not well-established commercial products they produce. Almost all sporting goods stores offer expensive country tables of foreign manufacturers such as Kettler, Stiga, and others. Of course, this is a great product but its price today is not always available.

Private amateur tennis in the province, has virtually no opportunity to acquire high-quality low-cost tennis table. It's good that people have Handstitched, and make a ping-pong table – is not a big problem for a truly motivated person – amateur tennis. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Russian manufacturers are ready now to meet the needs of the country in table tennis. K Unfortunately, the sporting goods stores are not enough to actively seek to offer domestic products, at least in their own country. But low-cost, high-quality table tennis tables, of course, will have great demand. In the Russian manufacturers of sports equipment should be supported not only regional dealers and retail buyers, but the state as a whole, which is able to acquire tennis tables wholesale Infrastructure ping-pong table in the Russian Federation. After all, physical culture and sport, today – one of the most important aspects of the Russian Federation.