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AUTHORS: Ana Elisa Feracini PERUZZO* Cibelle Marchi de Angelo DOURADO* Suellen Dos Santos SILVA* ORIENTING TEACHER: Loving Flvia Boatto SOLEIRA* *Curso of Psychology, College of the Educational Foundation of Araatuba the Psychology of the Education is considered a branch in such a way of Psychology as of the Education, it is characterized as an area of inquiry of the problems and educational phenomena, from a psychological agreement, and is from this perspective that we develop our project with a group of adolescents considering that the adolescence is a phase of discoveries and search of identity, moment where the young desires to express its ideas and its feelings that in turn they are in full ascension mainly in result of the corporal changes that many times generate unreliability and indefinies. With this, our project of intervention had as objective to make possible the discovery of the existing potentialities in each pupil in way that are evidenced its abilities, giving psychological structure for the construction of new perspectives for the future. We work with the classrooms of as the year of the average education of state school, we use as resource dynamic of group, circles of debates beyond audiovisuais resources. From the development of the project it was possible to perceive that its applicability was capable to provide great transformations in the relations of learning of general form, beyond awaking in the new pupils the discovery of horizontes counting on a psychological support of reflexiva base. Word-Key: Educative processes; adolescence; future perspective. INTRODUCTION Pertaining to school and Educational Psychology if has constituted historically as important field of performance of Psychology. Until times behind they were seen separately, but, after much quarrel, it is seen as indissociveis today. Pertaining to school and educational psychologists are professionals who act in pertaining to school and educative institutions, as well as dedicate education to it and to the research in interface Psychology and Education..