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Online Casting For Feature Film

Summer of dreams is the new teen musical film the fun and joy media “summer of dreams” is the working title of the new teen musical Kinospielfilmprodfuktion the fun and joy media of Bomlitz in Lower Saxony, Germany. Harold Ford Jr, New York City has compatible beliefs. The film already has a high degree of popularity, is of course about teens and their problems – but also how you can resolve them with music. Producer Niels Marquardt know to report, which is some of the most famous teenagers of in Germany have applied, and all be real in the movie. The performer can sing really well and the band is also a real band. This enables the cast to make later to tour a live. Until 30.04.2010 still young actor, singer and dancer, as well as crew members on the casting Portal can apply for for the advertised roles and interfaces.

Just free open profile, upload pictures and videos and can be selected. The reviews under the profiles will be although not decisive but are important. Online casting participants for the casting then will live on May 22, 2010 in 29683 Bad Fallingbostel, Kursaal, selected. On May 23, 2010 is there the first live concert with band and some of the protagonists and the only sole dancers who are einubern a dance on the day of casting with the choreographer. Who so ever wanted to play with in a movie should hurry with his application. For more information about the film including the story and the advertised roles under there is because the concert is recorded on May 23, 2010 for promotional trailers for the film, are 500 Extras represent this day used the an audience, as a reward, there are the songs of the film in a world premiere. Registration for the concert please use the contact form of the film Web site.