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New Year

Simply put, Do not just what you do not eat your . Health will be. No need to have: fat (broth boil – remove the fat, respect the 'blue bird' – scrawny chickens and hungry domestic rabbits – rabbits); Cocoa and its derivatives (chocolate, chocolate candy, peanut butter); coffee; citrus fruits – including lemons, which are all advised to take with them to the hospital; very sharp, very sour, very salty; smaller cans; mushrooms; peas; Fresh yeast products; strawberries, raspberries, strawberries; any goodies with oily creams. Ought to be: Vegetables, especially green onions, potatoes and cucumbers; fruits: pears, apples, apricots; Berries: grapes, cherries, cherries, watermelons; dairy Products: fine – cottage cheese and kefir (fermented baked milk, yogurt, sour milk), just normal milk from ordinary cows; Meat (lean), fish is a normal (not dried roach and herring); raisins, dried apricots; compote of dried fruits; green tea. Remember: the best guy, boiled and baked than fried and smoked; nedoest better than to overeat; if it is impossible, but very desirable, it can only be perehotelos; if in doubt: it is possible or not? Well it; do not eat much at night; in general a lot – do not; if the circumstances surrounding the tradition and do not allow to do without alcohol (eg, New Year's in the middle of pregnancy), then a red grape wine (such as 'Cahors') or 'Champagne' (and then another – a little bit); want to chalk – Eat lest on health (colored chalk and plaster – no need), but of optimizing all the same – calcium gluconate or (better yet) Calcium glycerophosphate – 3 tablets per day, plus cottage cheese – and you , and the child is quite enough; it is desirable to adopt comprehensive prenatal vitamins, they are different from other multivitamins obligatory presence of vitamin 'A' (for example, the domestic 'Gendevit' or overseas 'Pregnavit'). .