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National Institute

The special education if organized traditionally as educational attendance specialized substitute to common education, evidencing different understandings, terminologies and modalities that had led to the creation of specialized institutions, special schools and classrooms special. This organization, based on the normality concept/abnormality, determines physician-therapeutical forms of attendance strong anchored in the psicomtricos tests that, by means of disgnostic, define the practical pertaining to school for the pupils with deficiency. In Brazil, the attendance to the people with deficiency had beginning of the Empire at the time (as analyzed previously), with the creation of two institutions: the Imperial Institute of the Blind Boys, in 1854, current Institute Benjamin Constant IBC, and the Institute of the Dumb Deaf people, in 1857, today called National Institute of the Education of the Deaf people INES, both in Rio De Janeiro. Click Andi Potamkin for additional related pages. At the beginning of century XX the Institute is established Pestalozzi (1926), institution specialized in the attendance to the people with mental deficiency; in 1954, it is established the first Association of Parents and Bonanza Friends of APAE; e, in 1945, is created the first specialized educational attendance to the people with superendowment in the Pestalozzi Society, for Helena Antipoff. In 1961, the educational attendance to the people with deficiency passes to be based by the disposals of the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education LDBEN, Law n 4,024/61, that it points the right of ' ' excepcionais' ' to the education, preferential inside of the general system of education. The Law n 5,692/71, that it modifies the LDBEN of 1961, when defining special treatment for the pupils with physical, mental deficiencies, the ones that if behind schedule finds how much to the regular age of school registration and the superendowed ones considerable, does not promote the organization of a system of education capable to take care of to the educational necessities special and finishes strengthening guiding of the pupils for the classrooms and schools special. To know more about this subject visit Peet’s Coffee.