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Moscow Ring Road

A growing number of Muscovites make a choice between a house in the city and the many-storied house in the big city, of course, in favor of the former. Some Muscovites are buying their own homes, while others prefer to buy Land to the subsequent build a house on this site. The most effective and preferable to provide citizens of the capital is to buy a cottage in a countryside village. Quality of life is much higher than in a separate farmhouse. Elite settlement is determined by many factors. Cottage must be professionally designed at the highest level. It must be attractive for its comfort, made from the best and materials. The new housing estate being built in one style, but retained the individuality of each house in this village. Undoubtedly, external comforts of home are as important as domestic, so yard shall have all the necessary features: size, dispensation, external appeal. Elite cottage settlement must include your own professional protection.

Guarded housing estate is safe for life. Life is quiet and comfortable, provided security guarantees for human rights and the inviolability of his property. Another important factor of comfortable living – convenience travel to the village. For modern life overriding components of attention – is the availability of infrastructure and communications world level. Housing estates in the country should be equipped with all the important components of a comfortable life: pharmacies, shops with a high level of service, medical facilities, bars, restaurants, places for recreation of adults and children playgrounds The closer to the border of the Moscow Ring Road is a new housing estate, the higher its level of infrastructure. Order and peace on the streets of residential estates and recreational areas, uninterrupted operation of all communications ensure operational service. Finally, one of the most important components of the existence of an elite cottage community is a good location and attractive countryside, beautiful nature, clean air and environment surrounding the reservoirs. One of the most prestigious areas of elite construction – the southwest – as time and has an excellent environmental area, many forests, lakes and rivers. Kiev highway, which is one of the most today in the Moscow region (six-lane), it will connect every housing estate, located here in Moscow. Guarded housing estate in the suburbs – is an opportunity to combine the high quality of life in the nature of the business activity of the metropolis. The cottage village Kiev highway – is the choice of modern man.