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Mind Mapping

The linear nature of the presentation of the traditional notes on their part of the brain difficult property to establish partnerships, which offset the creativity and memory. Linear systems of taking notes exclude the ability of the brain to capture the color, size, synthesis, rhythm and image. In contrast maps mental or brain mapping, release the student from the tyranny of the organization that produces premature to try to keep content "to the letter," enable the full development of their mental capacities, stimulate the expression in all its facets, they excite imagination, develop the capacity for synthesis and analysis and contribute to better time management. Mind maps are a method to capture on paper the natural process of thought. Described above suggests that much more effective the results obtained by the student who opts for the use of mental maps as a study tool.

Relevance of Mind Mapping for Management: At present, the management may recognize the address given in a specific area to achieve success, whether in administrative, business, or everyday life. Therefore, on this view, the consideration of the Management Mind Mapping is applied by individuals, groups of people or in the organization, which may help to establish sound systems of mental proposals, through which we can achieve common goals, individually, is unattainable. In this sense, the management of human resources, material and technical resources that are required within an organization and are used to achieve the objectives and the management techniques necessary to ensure that operations are performed to obtain the expected return resource economics, may be planning by considering the mental maps. A related site: Secretary of Agriculture mentions similar findings.