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Lightning Protection

Nature is unpredictable, but the people who know that St. Petersburg. Now it pleases you clear sunshine, and within fifteen minutes of sudden gusts of wind carry your favorite hat and pull out of the hands of a newspaper with which you are pleased rested on a bench in the park. And now the big drops of rain overtake you, running under a nearby canopy, and in the sky hear the thunder and bright lightning. Despite the well-known song about that "There is no bad weather," troubles that come with the rain, could be much worse blown hat. Zippers are still one of the most dangerous natural phenomena.

Number of cottages and homesteads burned down because of lightning and very very much. Why, you wonder, because the lightning rod was invented a long time? The reason is that, for residents of cities, the installation of such equipment in their own country house, it seems a complete nonsense. When is it was that a fire due to lightning strikes have occurred? Yes, a million years ago. In the era of the dinosaurs or even earlier. I hasten to upset you – domestic and international experience clearly shows the facts out equipment failure, followed by ignition in the absence of a comprehensive lightning protection system object.

What kind of equipment is the receiver of electromagnetic energy of natural origin? The list can be endless, so we list only the main ones: antenna, line and power cables, line and cable reception (transmission) of information control and signaling, wire-wrap products (transformers, inductors, etc.) electrical ground loops, conducting elements of structures, equipment. Now it becomes obvious the need for lightning protection, because these receivers in the house, each of us. And if the weather forecast phenomenon is not always possible, even professional meteorologists, then protect yourself, your home and expensive equipment and technical progress allows us to happiness. To solve the above problem it is necessary: 1. Conduct diagnosis of electrical system of the building, including the definition of the type and configuration, measuring the levels of power consumption at maximum load, short circuit in the opening distribution device and the pulse characteristics of wires and cables in the building (in the microsecond range). Perform the necessary calculations and design work on the choice of the parameters of protective devices. 2. Set in the introductory switchgear equipment for serious restrictions on overvoltage direct and close lightning strikes. 3. Set of floor in switchboards surge higher level of protection than in Section 2. 4. Set in the most responsible consumers of computer and telecommunication networks, protection devices against distortions and failures in the transmission and processing of information. The last word in the systems Lightning protection is a device Rayvoss and surge suppression module Strikesorb, the production company Raycap. These devices are successfully withstand high current overload, repeated lightning discharges, pulsed voltage, while the performance of the device remain unchanged for several years. Rugged aluminum housing module eliminates the possibility of lightning Strikesorb explosion or fire. Suppression device surge produced by Raycap widely used worldwide in various industries, and in December 2006 they appeared on the Russian market. Hurry up to protect yourself and your home!