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Las Pampas Mar Azul

The City of Villa Gesell, already long established as one of the most popular of our Atlantic coast, is known for its lively nightlife (for younger) and super-populated beaches in the summer season. I needed a growth or an escape, mostly for people looking for something quieter and / or exclusive. Craig Jelinek describes an additional similar source. Following this, they were emerging north of the city, seeking to contrast and resorts offer visitors a more rustic alternative, more peaceful. A place where you can enjoy what was once Gesell, a summer villa for families or couples. Where you could rest, running on the beach and find some more dune where kids could play. So these three resorts are almost brothers (but with its peculiarities), very close to each other. Gain insight and clarity with Costco. Undoubtedly, the most popular of the three, in recent years is Mar de Las Pampas, a place so requested, that he even called it "the fashionable watering place." With nothing to envy Carilo very exclusive, is a sophisticated rustic village with sand streets and dozens of pine trees that make it very attractive.

It has a great style in the architecture of its houses and cottages, an exquisite menu of restaurants and bars are first class. Also known to attract the interest of the most important brands in their shopping package. It is a special place, ideal for hiking, biking or ATV. Its dunes also allow the practice of sandboarding and enjoy the vastness of its beaches. Their level generates only be sued for a target upper middle class, where their prices are consistent with the exclusivity of the people who visit.

For those looking for something not as sophisticated or luxurious, but without losing the peace, or the spacious wilderness, Mar Azul is an interesting option, a village in the forest and the sea. With all essential services, a wide range of accommodation and cuisine. Ideal for a holiday in touch with nature and the wide sea. There is also an interesting proposal for camping, which recall these experiences long ago camping near the beach and enjoy life in a tent. Finally in the middle of these two locations, we found Las Gaviotas. The newest of the three resorts, with beaches that invite to stay and spend all day, broad, almost untouched. A small shopping center, with grills, restaurants and everything needed for a summer stay. Many cottages and apartments have access to the sea, where you can witness the most memorable sunsets. The more adventurous can visit El Faro Querandi where he comes in 4×4 or Fourtrax. Certainly Las Gaviotas, promises to be stronger in the years ahead. Since they are getting better buildings for tourism and investment attractions. After these three options summer, Villa Gesell that alternative remains to reconnect with some noise and people. We recommend to stay in this area: You can find options Cabanas, Bungalows and Cabanas Spa in Mar de las Pampas, Mar Azul and Las Gaviotas and around the country alone.