Cranberry Cottage

Every Table Can Offer Delicious Meals

Lake Objectives

A cottage on the Lake attracts many tourists in German holiday destinations, but also increasingly to Sweden. Not only individuals appreciate a holiday in an apartment or a cottage on the Lake. In contrast to the hotel guests in the cottage in the “own” four walls lives. He can feel completely at home and has no predetermined daily routine, such as fixed meal times. Unlike in the hotel there is considerably more space in a house or an apartment. Garden, terrace or balcony are standard. A leisurely breakfast on the terrace belonging to the House, or a barbecue in the garden offer a recreation value that persists after the holiday. Families will appreciate the informality of the cottage.

Toys must remain even, at dinner, it can be even louder and nobody says anything against muddy rubber boots. A cottage on the Lake also promises holidays on the first row. Who doesn’t dream of the own jetty with access to the water – just whether to swimming, boating or fishing? Particularly in Sweden, many holiday houses on Lake lure. And in Sweden lakes are more suitable for bathing than the sea, because they heat up more. An untouched nature invites to hiking, berry picking or Moose feeding. Because nature include any Sweden holidays.

But even in Germany you can find his own Bullerbu. Cottages by the Lake offer a relaxing holiday of hustle and bustle, also here but, if you want, and a nice neighbor. A holiday apartment has the advantage that you can arrive together with family or friends. So you live independently from each other but separated by a holiday. A holiday in Germany has another advantage: travel is short – an aspect that the seniors but also for families with children. Whether Germany or Sweden, in each case remains the guest the choice, how he would like to personalize their holiday. The possibilities range from a cottage on the Lake in a secluded location to smaller plants, rather allowing connection? Name: Johannes Kaiser