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Job Security

The cash flow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki gives us the answer to this question. Job security is attained those years have been trained and gain experience in their jobs, but they know nothing of owning a company or investor, therefore, have job security but they feel financially insecure. For employees or business owners are encouraged to begin training with business owners and investors while doing what they are doing now, so you will gain security by developing skills, even if you do not have much money then, when This opportunity will use what they learn what they will take money. Financial security is achieved as a business owner or investor if an employee does not conform to hope that your retirement plan or retirement resolve his future, consider to be a professional investor or prepare to own company. If self-employed or owned business, also do the same.

Ultimately be trained in one or more quadrant (employee, self employed, business owner or investor) is better than being good in one. No matter how much money you earn, financial security is to secure handhold on both sides of the quadrant of the flow of money. Although it has a lot of money is important to invest in their education, start now. The method recommended by Kiyosaki to obtain true financial freedom is to move in quadrants business owner and investor, so you have people and money working for you. This model is Bill Gates or Buffet Warrent. The ground rules are different in all quadrants therefore recommends financial education, having two quadrants gives greater stability in the world of financial freedom. Narrow your ability to invest is the best insurance in the bad and good times, a secret is that when the market is bad is good buy, while non-investors are selling because they panic in times of economic change there is great wealth transfer . These economic changes are due in large part to sales and mergers of companies.

A message to employees, taking into account that the work of his boss is not rich you do is make sure you charge or receive your paycheck or salary, hence if you budget your money wisely and learn how to be business owner and Investor will then make the big change to a large personal fortune and most importantly freedom. The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is what they do with their spare time, what you do with your salary and your free time after work will determine its future. Kiyosaki recommended if you are employed or own their own business, have a goal to own business and then being an investor, because that will acquire: Experience and education. – Investors invest in companies so if you have a solid business training can be a good investor because it can identify other good business owners with their business systems..If you have a company then you have time and money to bear the losses as investor, you can not make an employee or self-employed. Investment is capital, knowledge and time. Errors cost money. As a business owner will have the skills and cash to stay while training to be a successful investor.