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Jack Fold

The fold cat is a breed of cats of the country of Scotland; which is characterized by a few ears very different to the of many other breeds of cats; already the fold cat, has ears dropping and pulled forward, suggesting a very particular image, which distinguishes it from other breeds of cats. The emergence of Jack fold greater extent relates to the country of Scotland, which for the year of 1961, in Scottish territory occurred in the presence of a cat with ears drooping and runs forward, because of a mutation in domestic cats. Despite this, there is also another theory about Jack fold, which suggests the existence of a cat with folded ears, who was in China and was taken in the 19th century to England; However, there is no more information about such a theory to support this possible source. In the physical conditions of the fold cat, a physical structure very similar to the British Shorthair cat, is what is owed to various crossings between the fold cat and the British cat. As a result, the fold cat has a heavy body and very solid, with a medium-sized and an image compact; the male may weigh up to 6 kg. Fold cat tips are very well provided, accompanied by a good musculature; What gives you increased strength and solidity; the tail is characterized by having a half measure and be thick.

The part of the head of the fold cat offers a round shape, which is due to the chucks ears forward; as for the ears, highlights the fact that are a few ears of a very small size, which are maintained at all times spins forward and while most stuck are to the head, is much better. The nose is short, wide and has a pink colouring; the region of the nose, this accompanied by some very outstanding cheekbones. Fold cat eyes are large and round, with one good separation each other; their traditional colour is gold. The fur of the cat fold, is mainly short and dense, ideal to support its traditional atmosphere weather conditions, where they occur much the cold climates by winters; We must add, that you can find copies of a variety of cat fold of long hair as a result of mixing with the Persian Cat. Referring to the colors of the mantle, are accepted almost all; with the exception of the lilac, chocolate and mantle of the Siamese. Fold cat is characterized by being a very affectionate and loving cat with the people of the home as well as with strangers; what allows to say that fold cat is a breed of very sociable cats and that it conform perfectly to life with people. While currently its presence in homes is mainly given by the company, on several occasions was emphasised as an excellent Hunter of rodents. Original author and source of the article