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According to an article in 2006 on the real estate portal, Spaniards tend to connect us to the internet mainly to search for jobs and housing. In that same year the digital, published part of a study by Nielsen/NetRatings (company specialized in the measurement and analysis of online audiences), which found that a quarter of Spaniards (26%) with access to the Internet seeking employment through network, bolsa de empleo exclusively dedicated to the Sector of tourism and hospitalitywhich was released to the market in February 2006. Since then we have not stopped studying the trends of Web surfers looking for work over the internet. In we have noticed that there is a pattern of use among Internet users who seek employment in the sector of tourism and hospitality in Spain. The Spaniards with internet access prefer to look for work during the first two quarters of the year and again from September to November. Without any surprise, we see that the months more tranquil in the activity of seeking employment in areas of tourism and hospitality are July, August and December. Spaniards prefer to connect us to the internet to look for work during the work week, being Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the most intense in such activity. Saturdays and Sundays the calmer in this aspect. And what times prefer to seek employment on the internet? According to the study by there two peaks of activity highlights during the day, from 11 to 13 and again from 18 to 19 hours. In summary, it seems that Spaniards not sacrifice our leisure and vacation time to look for work online.