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In Soviet times, particularly in the 80’s on various construction projects have worked well paint a high-pressure units Wagner 2600 and Wagner, 7000. Although they were issued by the Vilnius COM exclusively to collapse of the USSR until 1991 they are still used in painting works due to its high reliability, even now, when the 17 years since the release of the last unit Wagner 7000, these units can still be found where both necessary anti-corrosion surface preparation of large volumes. How, then, must meet the requirements of modern painting machines, that he was a worthy replacement predecessor? First of all, it must be simple and reliable, relatively inexpensive, fast. These requirements correspond to the membrane of painting machines high pressure EXPORT-10000, the Italian campaign Sinaer-one of the leaders in Europe in the field of equipment for the professional painting Let’s aggregate EXPORT-10 000 in more detail: The suction, discharge valve, the diaphragm and the pressure regulator and all threads are identical to c Wagner 7000. Ctupen paint is made of high-quality aluminum alloy that is resistant to corrosive materials, the suction valve stem, saddle and ball discharge valve made from whole-tverdosplava boron carbide, and the heart of the unit -Chromed piston. Inside the unit is made of a special membrane and oil-resistant polymers, engine power unit 2.2kvt (made in two versions -380 and 220) is protected from overloading the switch from built-in protection, all electrical installations are completed by Sinaer antivibration pressure compensated with a pressure gauge to remove the hose at the maximum vibration modes.

The unit Wagner 7000 this feature partly carried out high pressure filter. Trolley – transformer unit with hooks for winding the hose on rubber wheels WA pumping easy when you move from object to object model of the maximum pressure 250 bar 180 bar maximum working capacity (in the free end) to 10l.min distinctive features is the ability to Export 10 000 work at 2 pistols, the ability to mount 7-liter tank top, for more than sucking Viscous compositions – by gravity, and the acquisition of a special drive into a device for drawing lines and marking on the pavement, fast surface coverage at the lowest cost, high performance color, long operation, ease of operation-far incomplete specifications of this unit and characteristics of the photo can be seen here painting machines at work here Today, there are more than 60 models of painting machines of high and low pressure – electric, pneumatic, gasoline-powered, as well as a large list of parts and accessories.