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As a result, the correct orientation for Buyer's Industrial Group "Arsenal" is not only overcame the crisis well, but in 2010 showed an increase in all the main indicators of 30%. In addition to quality, price and guarantee a loyal long-term operation, arsenalovskuyu metal roofing features a wide selection of colors and shades. Industrial group "Arsenal" on exclusive terms supplies to Ukraine painted sheet metal, covered with polyester and polyurethane, production of South Korean concern "Dongba Steele." Due to this consumer offering the widest range of colors and metal decks. The greatest demand among private developers uses, natural products shades of red, orange, brown. SPECIFIC INFLUENCE OF COLOR Each color has its specific effect on people. Color harmonizes the personality and mobilizes its resources. They can be cured or on the contrary, lead to depression. Psychophysiological effects of color allowed to develop a rich color therapy techniques.

Particular attention has long attracted the color red and its various shades of yellow, and to brown. Another medieval physicians used it to treat chicken pox, scarlet fever, measles, certain skin diseases. Good results were obtained in the treatment of red and yellow rays of the apathetic and anemic children. At the physiological level, this manifested itself in increasing the number of red blood cells, the growth of the baby's weight, increasing activity and improving mood. Not understanding all of this, our ancestors, furnished our own housing, intuitively tended to derive from the red color. Therefore, roof shades of red and a happy family in the yard is seen by many as one and is associated with happiness, prosperity, family well-being, well-being.

But every man sees his house on its own. Therefore, the roof of its picks, "especially" the color or shade. Soviet doctrine GG Vorob'ev and VV Nalimov in the 80s developed a unique psychodiagnostic methods. Subjects were asked to arrange in order of preference 19 most famous paintings of abstract artists (in fact, colored stains) from the most "popular with" up to the "unpleasant".