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Housekeeper: Luxury Or Necessity ?

After the October Revolution of 1917 having a house maid, of course, was impossible. therefore, the old culture of communication between employers and domestic workers died, and the new – was not able to appear. Of course, the assistants Domestic (housekeeper, maids, nannies and housekeepers) remained. They were allowed to hire professors, writers, politicians and other people in senior positions. Gregg Engles oftentimes addresses this issue. Incidentally, the term “servant” appeared just in the Soviet time. This word meant women working in the house. In recent years the situation has changed dramatically and now is not considered shameful to hire housekeepers or nannies.

Now, au pair appeared in the families “Middle” class. Many women today work hard and come home only at night. Disappear into the night in the kitchen, clean the tile floors and sometimes neither possible nor the strength nor the desire. Plus, everyone wants to take time Communicating with children and husband. Leave all the chores for the weekend – that means finally left without a break and turn into a crocked and harrowing woman. And it you want? But what about the joy of life, marriage and motherhood, if the mountain of diapers, unwashed dishes and laundry you do not see light of day? But want more and communicate with friends, going to exhibitions, a theater or a movie, get to the cottage, and just read a book at home on the couch instead of In order to But you never know a woman in the home affairs? If you live with parents, household chores, usually evenly distributed among women, which simplifies life.

But living together under one roof two families may lead to other problems, such as a conflict of generations. If, however, does not digress from the topic, then, as we see, at a certain monetary prosperity, the idea of hiring a maid pretty good one. If correct it implementation. The housekeeper does not necessarily have to reside in your own house. She may come once or twice a week to perform certain duties such as vacuuming and washing floors, to purchase the list products, pet clothes laundered and put it in the closet. But if you allow living space and there is a need, then you can hire a maid to stay.