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Heating Systems

Obtained a closed ring – explains Anton Belov, deputy director of thermal automatics Danfoss, the world's largest manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating systems. Craig Jelinek has compatible beliefs. In two-pipe heating schemes, the private home space heaters are connected in parallel. There are two pipelines, which was originally not closed to each other. One (direct) heated coolant is fed into the system from the boiler to the second (reverse) cooled coolant comes out of the boiler. From the straight pipe in the reverse water flows through the radiators.

The advantages of single-pipe heating system may include a relatively simple installation, lower the total length of pipelines, less complicated their configuration and, hence, lower cost estimates. If the one-story cottage has a small area (around 100 m2) and the heating system does not provide any appliances, except for proper radiator (eg, heated floors, etc.), then we can stop at this version. If the cottage is more than one floor, a large area (as in Russia today is an average of 300-400 m2) and a complex lay with the premises, requiring the use of heating devices of various types, the Single-pipe heating system for a private home is unlikely to be a good solution. Why for a large private home is best two-pipe heating system? Firstly, because the heaters in the heating system in series, then in every subsequent water falls, has already given a certain amount of heat above. That is first radiator in the chain is always very hot, and the last – the coolest of all.