Cranberry Cottage

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Healthy Lifestyle Now

The basis of good nutrition is variety. It is very important that people ate such foods that are rich in nutrients and has low calories. Never too late to start healthy lifestyle and a return to a rational and sensible nutrition. Many recipes of Tibetan medicine, related to nutrition, the recipes are widely known throughout the world. Suggest that the ancient scholars to our table? You I wonder? Then try to satisfy your raging curiosity. Fresh milk – 0.4 cups daily (cure for apnea).

Semolina. Tibetans say: 'You started with milk and semolina, finish the same'. Daily at least a few spoonfuls of cereal must have everyone who has over 40 years, good for the bones, muscles and gastrointestinal tract. Apricots – nourishes the physical strength, especially men. Ear – useful weak, especially from a pike. In fish a lot of sodium and phosphorus. Nuts, raisins, cheese – they use daily tones up the nervous system, relieves fatigue, headaches, strengthens the heart muscle and nervous system.

Useful in liver diseases. At one time – 30 grams of walnuts nuts, 20 grams raisins 20 grams of cheese. Cottage cheese – 100 grams per day in atherosclerosis, heart diseases and liver. Lemons and oranges – are useful in the initial forms of hypertension, female disorders, and enlargement of the thyroid gland. 1 / 2 Rub with lemon peel and mix with sugar. Take 1 tsp 3 times a day. Cranberries – stones in the liver. 1 / 2 cup of berries to 6 times a day.