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Happy Constantly

In this article I intend to teach you how to be happy. I realize the ambitious project, if I were in your place, would be thinking about what kind of bike trying to sell me. The truth is that happiness is so close, that this article seems to me even simple to write. THAT we understand by happiness when I speak of happiness, speak of the sense of balance and fullness that fills your life, a State of peace or serene self-confidence that remains constant. Happiness is not associated with specific circumstances that you are experiencing, so is present regardless of these: whether you’re rich or poor, cheerful or sad, casual or taciturn.

Happiness counteracts not suffering or sorrow, suffering and sadness are varying circumstances of your life, happiness understood as we have described is present at any time. You can feel sad and at peace with yourself at the same time, or what is the same, sad but happy. Happiness is not synonymous with money, women, success or fame. Again, all these things are relating to your current experience, may be one or the other, but count or not does not affect your happiness with them. Of course, you can have balance and obtain all the material goods of the world, but both run in a decoupled way.

Happiness is something primary and constant, while the specific conditions in which it develops your life, something secondary and variable. Happiness is equilibrium and peace of mind in any circumstance, because provides it no circumstance, something that belongs to you legitimately, and your natural state. Some may call it freedom, others even call it lighting. The word used is irrelevant, only one label. What else can be happiness? There perhaps a number of riches or fame that guarantees access to happiness? THE origin of the UNHAPPINESS unhappiness can be defined in different ways.