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Great October Socialist Region

Demenchuk, born in Ka-raga, in 1877. Radically changed the situation of peasants and Karaga Priobvinskogo edge of the Great October Socialist after – Coy revolution. Working peasants of our region with great enthusiasm met the education of the Soviet government under Lenin. In February 1918, was created in Karagan Bolshevik organization. District council, headed by Esser, was abolished and all power in the Council was in the hands of the Bolsheviks.

Initiative in carrying out the core activities of the Party and Soviet government were communists Shemini Ivan G., Sitnikov Simon Tikhonovich Chudinov Gregory Maksimovic, Panasyuk, Ivan Andreevich Rajewski Sergei Ivanovich Nikolsk, Fadeev Litke in Bogdanovka, Gruadev Joseph I. in Zyukae, Teploukhov Ivan Osipovich at Christmas and many others. They were real Communists, loyal to the Party and the Soviet Government, have spared no effort in the difficult years of the Soviet regime in our region. But soon the peaceful life was disrupted by civil war broke out. Party and Soviet government launched an appeal: "All anti- enemy '.

And the peasants of our region, like all Soviet people warmly responded to the call of the party. In the first days at the head of the Communists were established Red Guard units, which were the main core of the newly formed at Our territory of the North – the Communist regiments of regular troops of the Red Army. Many of our countrymen have not returned from the fronts of the Civil War. The memory of them hold numerous monuments in the villages of our region.