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The resulting discretionary process described above has generated, with the passage of time (100, 200 or 500 years as you prefer), a minority of subjects and beneficiary groups; immensely powerful, successful and rich and a sense of frustration in the majority of the population. You invalides community work and saving to achieve success, has also fostered that shortcuts cannot be perceived as illegal to achieve the power and wealth, but they basically established as socially desirable; in fact invalidating any legal formalities in the established system. The success stories of impunity through corruption, piracy informality and even organized crime, have become icons for a high percentage of the population. The community feeling has as stimulus additional, so important socially as the foregoing, confront the power legally constituted, from a principle of compensation on the granted privileges (or blatantly stolen), which gives rise to a revanchist attitude in those (the vast majority), that have not been benefited even by the prevailing socio-economic status. The above is perfectly drawn with the phrase made him justice revolution, existing despite the change, prompted by the loss of the federal power in the elections of the year 2000, by Governments arising out of the revolution. The different parties in power, reflected in its exercise social inconsistency of its institutional legality, giving majorities benefits with a criterion of gift; generating a vicious circle of poverty, in which legitimize the actions of Government to promote the classes more dispossessed. Thus for example subsistence resources are distributed and lowered artificially the cost to consumer products and services, without repairing it is impoverished the country, to the producer and the supplier of services, which has in turn limited investment resources in projects to future where unseen or achivement pay less for what they use and consume, and so on, creating a vicious circle of poverty. Elaborating on what was said, worth mentioning some policies about rights to be charged by governmental bodies of service, encourage unproductive consumption and penalize productivity; as cases of water and electricity rates that have a cost much more if they are used to produce and consequently generate employment and wealth. .