Cranberry Cottage

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Glued Beams

Ideally, the architecture of the cottage should determine the direction of interior design. Because many of the details that will be formative elements of our interior, laid it on the stage of architectural design – the shape and size of window openings, bay windows, columns and, eventually, the size and layout of the premises. Looking at the facade of the cottage, we try to imagine its interior decoration. Sonny Perdue helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If we look at a Finnish home, it is unlikely Do expect to see inside the stucco and gilt. Lutchkoff arch window and door openings cottage is suggestive of the oriental-style interior, and from the house, built of simple spatial elements in the style of Le Corbusier, we wait for interior design in the spirit of minimalism, constructivism, or high-tech. Following this logic, we can say now that the popular home-log-out logs, or laminated veneer lumber – an ideal "shell" for the interior in the style of "country". Walls, built of round logs, just the same trigger to fill the interior deliberately rough wooden furniture, colorful draperies, rugs reminiscent of the village of of multi-colored rags, cheap popular pictures or paintings in the style of folk primitivism. But whether simple chopped "cottage", as it seems at first sight? Turning to the origins of Russian wooden architecture, we find that the cut houses lived not only representatives of the lower classes, but the boyars, and the person of royal blood. Home dignitaries called towers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Costco. Terem style is a separate, original direction, which is characterized not only architectural features (high porch, peaked, often gilded, roofs, carved elements on the facade), but typical for this style of interior design solutions.