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General Pinochet

– Having after some months a knot in my throat, him comment the existence of these better friend, in an act of spiritual relief, since from my exit of the Embassy, had passed more than 9 months. – And never belonged some party or tendency policy, but by the people who surrounded and enough relatives to me related to different uniformed organisms and of security, my friend convinces to present to me the content these, since his father had direct access with General Pinochet. Craig Jelinek takes a slightly different approach. – There my second error begins, which never had imagined it to me. The father of my friend settles down a meeting in the high sector of Santiago, with the general in charge of the Dine of the time. I want to make clear that I never look for an economic aim, but stupidly, a Chauvinist, mistaken not in its content, but by its means. – After to have read meticulously the documentation and having presented/displayed my cards of the Embassy and the position that carried out, could not believe its content. – In this first meeting of a total of 45 documents I give to him you photocopy of 10.

After one week one second meeting, this time in a restaurant in providence settled down. In very intelligent form, it congratulates my patriotic aspect, by the delivery and it asks to me if I have more documents in my power, before which manifest him that my intention is to give them personally to General Pinochet. It assures gratefulness the General and President, and who soon we would meet. – In this second meeting I give near 11 new documents. Before the third encounter, they had passed near 3 months from ours first meeting, and the general already made to me clear by his to act, that something strange had in his to act.