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European Space Agency

New moon the new moon is between the orbits of Nix and Hydra, that also were open pies by the Hubble in 2005, while Charon was detected in 1978 in the Naval observatory of The United States, but the one was the Hubble that discovered in 1990 that it was a body aside from Pluto. The scientists think that the moon system of the dwarfed planet formed by a collision between Pluto and another planetary body at the beginning of the history of the Solar System and the material that threw it turned into the group of satellites that they around orbit to his. Also they think that the material come off Pluto moons by micrometeorite impacts could form ring around the dwarfed planet, but the photographies of the Hubble have not detected them until now, although they ran into with this new moon which now they will have to look for name. The director of the division astrophysics of the NASA in Washington, Jon Morse, emphasized the importance of this discovery, that he considered " powerful recordatorio" of the capacity of the Hubble " in order to make descubrimientos&quot surprising; . Astronomical investigation the P4 satellite was seen for the first time in a photography taken with the Angular Great Camera of 3 of the Hubble (Wide Field Double bed, WFC) the 28 of June and one confirmed in the following images taken the 3 and the 18 from July. The Hubble, sent in 1990, is a project of international cooperation between the NASA and the European Space Agency (THAT). The Goddard Space Flight Center of the NASA in Greenbelt (Maryland) directs the telescope and the Institute of Space Science of Telescopes (STScI) in Baltimore is in charge of the scientific operations along with the Association of Universities implied in the astronomical investigation. Source of the news: The space telescope ' Hubble' it discovers the fourth Pluto moon