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Just like in a modern development environment (IDE) provides Zamasing 1.0 elementary, which will help to reduce the development time significantly and help the user to generate high-quality results. Syntax highlighting for CSS, JavScript, HTML, Python and DTML source code is supported as well such as auto-completion of CSS, JavScript, DTML, Python code. This speeds up the programming of stylesheets and markup code in addition. The integrated interface allows the import and export of each valid Zope object with just one click. Technology reduces short response times and easy adaptability through the use of innovative AJAX Zamasing 1.0 since only those portions of a page newly loaded, change the server response times when interacting with the Web server were clear. The user can work on the GUI without unnecessary delays continue, while parallel processes the data in the background.

The result is an extremely fast interaction in real time. Prices and availability of the full version of Zamasing 1.0 costs 238,00 EUR. More information and a free 30-day trial version available at. About beyond content, the beyond content GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany making a name with technically demanding websites that are particularly easy to maintain for more than five years. The company offers consulting, professional services and hosting for sites that are based on the Zope application server, and supports its customers in every phase of the lifecycle of a website, from concept through design and programming to the operation. In addition beyond content customers also benefit from the professional services for implementation, extension, administration and programming of Zope-based applications.