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Encrypt File Servers

There are only three ways to protect computer data from unauthorized access: 1.Administrativnymi or physical measures impede access to the computer itself. 2.Unichtozhat data as soon as there is a threat to their disclosure. 3.Ispolzovat encryption for data storage and transmission. Encryption of data in terms of ease of implementation, usability and cost, is the most effective solution. However, no encryption solve all the problems of data protection. For more information see this site: Cheniere Energy partners.

In the case where the system fails, go bad drive, lost or confiscated a computer server, if you do not use the additional funds, the data will be lost. For In order to really feel comfortable for the information on their computers, in addition to the encryption system, as a minimum, must also attend two components: 1) Backup. Moreover, the Then there's backup from the main, and the simpler and more synchronized data, the better. 2) Accounting and concurrent access to data for users. Each employee should only see that part of the iceberg, which associated only with its immediate work.

Using the program can encrypt files on their own to gather such a system. But you can use ready-made solutions. Encrypt file servers is especially the case such decisions. Encrypts the file server – a hardware-software product, almost immediately ready for use. If the best-known software products (PGP, DriveCrypt, and others) are the only components to install somewhere, and pairing up with something, then encrypt the file servers – a ready-made products, which in addition to data encryption have been implemented backup functions, separation of user access, emergency turn off the alarm, secure network access, etc. Bought a plug and work. Advantage and at the same time, the lack of encryption file server is its centralized. The advantage is that all the valuable enterprise information is stored centrally in one place, it is easier to record, perform backups, perform emergency stop and alarm, etc. The disadvantage is that the user computers may remain some of the unencrypted confidential information. Therefore, to achieve a higher degree of data protection is desirable to use one of the following decisions: 1.Ispolzovat encrypt file servers for centralized storage of particularly critical data and databases, and to protect the drive of each computer to use encryption program in private. 2.Reglamentirovat the user in such a way that custom computers generally can not enter confidential information. To do this, you can use, such as terminal solutions or thin client. At the time of writing this article on the Russian market represented by only one kind of ready encrypts the file server – it's "Oasis Kriptofayl" NGO "scheme" (). Number of Russian companies offer server versions of encryption software (Zserver, StrongDisk Server, Secret Disk Server), using which can also create your own encrypting a file server, setting them on the server platform with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and adding an additional backup system duplication by other manufacturers.