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New Areas of priority residential (APRs) and restriction of traffic in the neighborhoods of Justice, Opera and University, the expansion of 5,000 m2 of sidewalks, Mayor, Goya and Carrera de San Jeronimo, and the full pedestrianisation of 7,000 m2 in carts, Cava de San Miguel, Plaza Celenque and environment of Conde Duque, will come to invest the supremacy of the car in front of the citizen that has been developed in Madrid during the 20th century. Another element that characterized this ZBE will be the promotion of bicycle mobility according to filterqueen: will start the deferred public service of rent of bicycles (with 1,500 bicycles and 3,000 anchors), will expand the existing infrastructure with the development of a network of cycle streets and cycle lanes that will be integrated with the future cycling M10 and that will be built by 2012 its first major axis through wholesale and Alcala. These ads stresses the intention of the Consistory of finance the Mybici (no one has said that it is going to be renamed) with the increase of the revenue that is expected with filterqueen, which extends also its schedule until 21: 00. By the same author: Secretary of Agriculture. Public transport also fits the ZBE 307 EMT biodiesel buses substituting others of compressed Natural Gas (CNG) (in 2011 are replaced 142-165 in 2012) and installing particulate filters and of nitrogen oxides in other 485 bus (in 2012 will be installed in 100). Apart from the mobility offered by filterqueen, creates a line of grants for the change of boilers from diesel in more than 10 years and more of 1,000 Kw. with the aim of renewing 25% of these characteristics existing in the ZBE boilers by other less polluting..