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As a result of this observation is the guys have to understand that being a driver – it does not mean simply twist the steering wheel and honking that the driver drives a car to bring bread, milk, etc. Also before the game the teacher organizes excursions into the garage, a petrol station, a busy intersection, where there is a policeman-regulator. Caregiver is desirable to hold one more trip to the garage, but not in any garage, and one where the father works as a driver of one of the inmates of this group, there dad talk about his work. Emotive representation of children of parents work, its public good are one of the factors that motivate the child to assume the role of the father or mother, to reflect in the game of their activities at home and at work. Impressions received by children during these walks and excursions, it is necessary to fix in conversation with a painting or cards. During these conversations, the educator should emphasize the social significance of a driver, highlight the importance of his work for others.

Then the teacher can organize harping on the toy cars. For example, children are given fashioned them in the classroom vegetables, fruit, bread and pastry products, furniture, made of paper. Educator advises to take products to the kindergarten, the goods in store, transport from the store the furniture in the new house, go dolls, take them to the cottage, etc. To enrich the experience of children, their knowledge is necessary to show the guys on the street from multiple machines (for transportation of milk, bread, trucks, cars, fire, emergency medical assistance as possible to show in action machines, watering the street, sweeping, sand), explaining the purpose of each of them.